Shopping from a packaging free grocery

Shopping from a packaging free grocery

For a long while now I have been contemplating on using reusable bags for our grocery shopping. What is stopping me from doing so is wondering what we will be using as our trashbags if we no longer get them from the supermarket. I started researching about it and apparently a lot of people who are into this “green” lifestyle no longer need a trashbag mainly because their waste is so minimal due to how they manage their waste at home.

This led me to stumbling upon this packaging free store called Unpackt and I was excited when I find out that it is only four bus stops away from our house. Since  it is a packaging free shop, I needed to do some pre-planning on my end to make sure I bring the right amount and size of containers for the stuff that I need. I surveyed our pantry and planned our meals for the next two weeks so I basically know what ingredients I need. I then checked out their facebook page to see what stuff they have to match it against what I needed. I was not very sure of the price and was ready to back out if I find the price way over my budget. We ventured to the store one fine Sunday morning, armed with my reusable bag and several IKEA containers.

The initial process was overwhelming, confusing, intimidating and even a bit stressful since you have to piece together what you need, how much you need, which container to use, how to take the stuff and not to mention you need to get your containers weighed before you put stuff in them.  As you get the hang of it, it gets better and I can foresee once you are a regular customer with assigned containers for specific products, this process will be much simpler and easier.


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