DIY Baby Pull-up Bar


When I noticed Lira has started trying to pull herself up, I realized she needs a pull up bar because aside from the glass coffee table in our living room, she does not really have anything else to hold on to. I will see her trying to grab our leather sofa which is slippery so it doesn’t really help. The coffee table is quite dangerous and there is a high chance that she will hit her head so I asked my husband to make a pull-up bar. We just followed the instructions from this blog. He works in construction and can easily get his hands on PVC pipes. The pull-up bar turned out perfect although it is very light and somebody needs to hold down the end of the legs when Lira is playing with it otherwise it will topple. I am very happy with it since Lira had lots of practice pulling herself up and she is now even trying to step her legs.  My baby is an early walker in the making!

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DIY bug spray

Lira’s routine nowadays include being out with her nanny at the playground or pool area in the mornings at around 8am and in the afternoon around 6pm. It can be irritating to be out in the afternoon around that time since random insects are out and about so I made this DIY bug spray made with essential oils. I just tweaked the recipe I found in my Plant Therapy essential oil recipe group. I have yet to test it out but I am hoping this works.


DIY bug spray

I used a 30ml spray bottle

3 drops Citronella
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Lemon
1 drop Geranium
15 ml water
15 ml witch hazel