Lira’s Montessori chair

Lira never liked being on her high chair I think because it is uncomfortable for her and she does not like being strapped in it so I have been scouring carousell for good deals for a table and chair perfect or her size. I almost got a very good deal when somebody posted a pretty set of white french kids table and chair set for 10 bucks. Eventually she said her daughter did not want to let go of it. I did not want to pay a couple of hundred for a set, a montessori chair is also very expensive but at this age Lira needed a chair with arm rests. The cheap set sold at Ikea will not work since it is too big for her. For weeks I kept checking if I can find a good deal until I finally chanced upon this set which was originally posted at $95 and I managed to haggle down to $60 which is very good deal considering it is made from solid wood. I was not 100%  sure of the dimension and height so I was very pleased when Laurence finally picked it up and brought it home and we confirmed that it was the perfect size for Lira.


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Lira at 9 months


Lira just turned 9 months old and we are enjoying her company more and more. She has started blabbering a lot of random “words” and yesterday she was able to blurt “mommeh”! She has been muttering dadada and mamama these past few weeks but to hear her say another word with a different vowel than “a” and say “mommeh” was truly a magical moment. She has started showing her personality and I think she may have gotten a part of her daddy’s personality as sometimes she can be timid and shy. Whenever we are out in public, strangers will always smile at her and comment at how cute she is and how big her eyes are! She will sometimes smile or laugh back at them and sometimes she will also just stay quiet, it depends on her mood really. She easily gets startled with loud sounds like thunder (she also got that from her daddy) and she will even crawl fast back to me when I laugh out loud (I think she may have mistaken it as me screaming, I need to control my volume I know). Yesterday she started playing peek-a-boo/eat bulaga by herself and would happily cover her face with her daddy’s shirt and laugh out loud when it comes to the “bulaga” part. She has fallen into the baby shark bandwagon and I can tell she LOVES this song so much. She will start clapping her hands whenever we sing the song.

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DIY Baby Pull-up Bar


When I noticed Lira has started trying to pull herself up, I realized she needs a pull up bar because aside from the glass coffee table in our living room, she does not really have anything else to hold on to. I will see her trying to grab our leather sofa which is slippery so it doesn’t really help. The coffee table is quite dangerous and there is a high chance that she will hit her head so I asked my husband to make a pull-up bar. We just followed the instructions from this blog. He works in construction and can easily get his hands on PVC pipes. The pull-up bar turned out perfect although it is very light and somebody needs to hold down the end of the legs when Lira is playing with it otherwise it will topple. I am very happy with it since Lira had lots of practice pulling herself up and she is now even trying to step her legs.  My baby is an early walker in the making!

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Montessori shelf – Eight months


Lira turned eight months yesterday and this is her current montessori shelf. After contemplating our options, we ended up getting an Ikea Kallax shelf in white and I am very happy with this choice. The spot were the shelf is used to be the place for the crib. After we have decided that we will incorporate montessori method in our home, we sold the crib and replace it with this shelf. Lira now takes her naps on the playmat and her nanny will just put a soft comforter on the playmat so she will be comfortable. We have had this shelf for more than a month now and Lira has already learned how to take things out from her shelf. It was actually a sight to see the very first time she picked and chose which toys she wanted to work on. It was very interesting for me. Up until today, she was only able to take things from the lower shelf, today I was fortunate to witness another developmental milestone when she pulled herself up and chose a book from the upper shelf. Again it was a sight to see and I was very impressed and ecstatic! She has been pulling herself up for the past few weeks but today is the first time that she did it with the intention of picking her book from the shelf.

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DIY bug spray

Lira’s routine nowadays include being out with her nanny at the playground or pool area in the mornings at around 8am and in the afternoon around 6pm. It can be irritating to be out in the afternoon around that time since random insects are out and about so I made this DIY bug spray made with essential oils. I just tweaked the recipe I found in my Plant Therapy essential oil recipe group. I have yet to test it out but I am hoping this works.


DIY bug spray

I used a 30ml spray bottle

3 drops Citronella
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Lemon
1 drop Geranium
15 ml water
15 ml witch hazel

Lira paints (on National Day)

Lira paints (on National Day)

Today is Singapore’s National Day and we wanted to take this opportunity to take photos of Lira since it is a public holiday and both of us won’t be working. I happily mixed yogurt and food color and set up the paint area for Lira outside our condo’s tennis court but Lira was having none of it. She was well fed and had a nap before our shoot slash playtime but she was clearly still sleepy the moment we reached our “location”. Since we were already there and I already mixed the “paint”, we just went with it and took whatever decent shots I can take. I am not too pleased with the photos since most of it consist of Lira’s cranky face.


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Lira’s first artwork

I have been encouraging Lira’s nanny to bring her to the playground and by the pool everyday so she can breathe fresh air, hang out and get to mingle with our neighbors. She has already established her routine and will bring Lira downstairs after she has had her breakfast in the morning and around late afternoon where they have been hanging out with fellow nannies/mommies with babies and toddlers. I thought such interaction will be good for Lira since she is now in a period where she can be afraid of strangers.

I seldom check our condo bulletin board but one day I chanced upon a post calling for babies and toddlers in our condo for weekly playdates for 6-18 month old babies. Lira gets to play with her cousins but they are 3 and 5 year olds respectively so it will be a different experience for her to be playing with smaller babies more around her age. I texted the number and I was told that the playdate is every Tuesdays at 8am. This schedule is perfect, I can plan to work from home on Tuesdays and my work starts at 9am.

We went to our first playdate today and there were a couple of babies. My neighbor who organized the playdate prepared coloring materials and books. I went to take photos and watch but could not accompany Lira because I had an 8am conference call so I watched them while I was pre-occupied with my meeting.


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