Hi, welcome to Pipopmey! Pipopmey is a play of words for “fifth of May” which is the day I found out I was pregnant! I am maintaining this blog mainly to keep my sanity and as a creative outlet to document our lives and our travels. We are a young family who loves to travel and I am a new mom who is trying (try is the word) and learning how to be a minimalist. Our baby Lira was born on Christmas day 2017 (yup she is that special!). To say we are obssessed with our baby is an understatement but we do not let that get us blindsided and spoil our baby. We want her to grow up as an independent, happy, loving and emphatetic person.  I have just recently been interested in learning about Montessori method so I may write about that as well. I maintain an instagram just for Lira to document her milestones and whatnots (they really do grow up fast). I sometimes edit travel videos, take random DIY photoshoots, read books but lately I really do not have much time for that since I work full time so my weekends are spent taking care of my baby and spending time with my husband. Anyway, welcome to (a glimpse of) our lives!