Lira’s Montessori chair

Lira never liked being on her high chair I think because it is uncomfortable for her and she does not like being strapped in it so I have been scouring carousell for good deals for a table and chair perfect or her size. I almost got a very good deal when somebody posted a pretty set of white french kids table and chair set for 10 bucks. Eventually she said her daughter did not want to let go of it. I did not want to pay a couple of hundred for a set, a montessori chair is also very expensive but at this age Lira needed a chair with arm rests. The cheap set sold at Ikea will not work since it is too big for her. For weeks I kept checking if I can find a good deal until I finally chanced upon this set which was originally posted at $95 and I managed to haggle down to $60 which is very good deal considering it is made from solid wood. I was not 100%  sure of the dimension and height so I was very pleased when Laurence finally picked it up and brought it home and we confirmed that it was the perfect size for Lira.



She has been refusing to eat the pureed food that I prepare for her so right now we are trying baby led weaning and have been offering her a varierty of finger foods at the same time each day. She mainly leans towards “dry food” like cereals and biscuits. She will hesitate to eat food when she feels they are cold or wet to the touch like fruits and vegetables. We are just letting her try the food and have no expectations of her eating a proper “meal” and finishing whatever we serve her. She very much likes rice though which is no surprise because #riceislife haha.


She first tried drinking water using an open cup which was a shot glass from Ikea and eventually progressed to drinking from a doidy cup which is also an open cup. I let her try a sippy cup just for fun (we had one lying around which we got for free) and as expected she did not like drinking from it. Eventually I bought her a cup with straw which she instantly knew how to use which also did not surprise me. She can now independently drink from this cup. As for the open cup, she will not want to pick it up herself but she almost does not spill water when she drinks from it which was a far cry from when we started letting her drink from a cup when she was around 6 or 7 months.


We will just continue to keep offering her a variety of food for her to explore and try. She has no qualms in eating chocolate though. I did not deprive her from tasting it and would offer her a tiny piece whenever I eat some. She also loves ice cream. My goal for her and our family in general is to eat healthier and incorporate more vegetables and whole foods in our meals. I am cutting down on red meat and we have not had it for months now and also trying to add a vegetable dish for every meal.  I myself have cut down on soda as well. Baby steps!

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