Lira at 9 months


Lira just turned 9 months old and we are enjoying her company more and more. She has started blabbering a lot of random “words” and yesterday she was able to blurt “mommeh”! She has been muttering dadada and mamama these past few weeks but to hear her say another word with a different vowel than “a” and say “mommeh” was truly a magical moment. She has started showing her personality and I think she may have gotten a part of her daddy’s personality as sometimes she can be timid and shy. Whenever we are out in public, strangers will always smile at her and comment at how cute she is and how big her eyes are! She will sometimes smile or laugh back at them and sometimes she will also just stay quiet, it depends on her mood really. She easily gets startled with loud sounds like thunder (she also got that from her daddy) and she will even crawl fast back to me when I laugh out loud (I think she may have mistaken it as me screaming, I need to control my volume I know). Yesterday she started playing peek-a-boo/eat bulaga by herself and would happily cover her face with her daddy’s shirt and laugh out loud when it comes to the “bulaga” part. She has fallen into the baby shark bandwagon and I can tell she LOVES this song so much. She will start clapping her hands whenever we sing the song.


I am afraid she has started showing preference over food and lately has refused to eat any of the pureed food  prepared for her. She will still eat dry cereals, bread, etc. but she is not into fruits or other finger foods. I tried feeding her fish and chicken and she is not a fan of dory fish. I may try to feed her salmon soon and see if she prefers that. I also kind of tried introducing baby led weaning by giving her finger foods to explore but she is having none of it so I am not forcing anything and just following her lead. For now she is still 100% breastfed and my goal is to continue breastfeeding her until she is a year old (3 more months to go). Our pediatriacian actually suggested for me to breastfeed her for as long as I can since we have a history of skin eczema (I have it since young) and prolonging the breastfeeding may reduce the risk of her developing eczema so we will see. I hope she does not become a picky eater like myself and her daddy and my goal is to make vegetables part of her regular diet. Her daddy and I only eat a limited number of vegetables (specially her dad) so lately I try to incorporate vegetables in our daily meals. Her daddy is still stubborn and will only eat very little vegetables. I have also tried to lessen red meat in our house (pork and beef) much to her daddy’s dismay.Picassobabies-0264

She is such an easy baby to take care of. She only gets cranky when she is sleepy or hungry, is super cheerful and sweet most of the time and is just super fun to be around with. She will be asleep by 8 at night and I specially like it when she randomly wakes up at around 11pm, looks around her and subconsciously crawls to me once she spots me at the other end of the bed. She will then lay her head on my lap and go back to sleep. My little momma heart is just overflowing with so much joy!


She has started crawling when she was 6 months old and nowadays she can crawl really really fast! She loves it when I chase her and she will crawl as fast as she can. I can only imagin once she starts running (it will be more fun chasing her, hah! She can stand with her one hand leaning on a surface and is slowly learning to cruise/take steps while leaning on to something. I have a feeling I will have an early walker but we will see. She has also started learning how to climb! She can easily climb her fisher price toddler chair now although she still does not know how to get back on the floor safely. I am contemplating whether I should get her a pikler triangle to encourage motor skills development and risky play.

That’s Lira’s progress report in a nutshell. I know I should have done a monthly update but life has gotten in the way of blogging but I hope I will be able to document more of these.



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