Montessori shelf – Eight months


Lira turned eight months yesterday and this is her current montessori shelf. After contemplating our options, we ended up getting an Ikea Kallax shelf in white and I am very happy with this choice. The spot were the shelf is used to be the place for the crib. After we have decided that we will incorporate montessori method in our home, we sold the crib and replace it with this shelf. Lira now takes her naps on the playmat and her nanny will just put a soft comforter on the playmat so she will be comfortable. We have had this shelf for more than a month now and Lira has already learned how to take things out from her shelf. It was actually a sight to see the very first time she picked and chose which toys she wanted to work on. It was very interesting for me. Up until today, she was only able to take things from the lower shelf, today I was fortunate to witness another developmental milestone when she pulled herself up and chose a book from the upper shelf. Again it was a sight to see and I was very impressed and ecstatic! She has been pulling herself up for the past few weeks but today is the first time that she did it with the intention of picking her book from the shelf.


What’s on our shelf (from left to right, top to bottom):

      1. Skwish Classic Rattle – I think I am more obssessed with this than Lira is. This isn’t one of her favorites and will quickly move on to other toys after she works on it. I on the otherhand loves it and thinks it is wonderfully designed! It is made from wood and elastics and you can squish it and it will bounce back to shape. I hope one day Lira will find this as fascinating as I find it to be!
      2. Melissa & Doug Caterpillar Xylophone – I thought it will take some time for Lira to learn how to hold the wooden mallets and hit the xylophone but I clearly underestimated her! Obviously she will not be able to fully control and grasp the mallet properly but she knows exactly what to do with it. Sometimes she will hit it with the mallet upside down and still produce sound and I can tell she is very fascinated with it. She enjoys it when I play with the xylophone while singing a song to her.
      3. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?  – This is Lira’s favorite book at the moment and she absolutely loves this! This book is badly beaten with the flaps folded and even torn (ouch!) because she just loves to “read” it. She squeals and laughs with delight whenever I read this book to her and I reveal what is under the flaps.
      4. Object permanence box – I really wanted Lira to have this classic montessori toy and I bought it when she has started to sit down on her own. According to her nanny she already knows how to put the ball inside the hole but this only happened once and she did not repeat it again so I believe this is a coincidence and she has not really learned how to properly work with it. Right now she is more interested in chasing the ball and banging the box on the floor.
      5. Ikea Leka soft ball – Lira loves to chew on this toy. I noticed she ignores her teethers and tends to chew on soft toys such as this one.
      6. Sophie The Giraffe So’ Pure Cubes & Balls – These balls and cubes that she can chew but most of the time she chases the balls which is the main reason why I bought them and they are much cheaper than the actual Sophia the giraffe teether toy.
      7. First 100 words – This is another book that Lira loves and her favorite part is the page with the animals, particularly the one with the cats and dogs. She will always blurt out loud oohhs and ahhhs whenever she reads this book.
      8. Basket of wooden blocks – This basket used to contain different types of ribbons which she LOVED exploring and tinkering on. Lately she has lost interest in them so I replaced the contents with wooden blocks of random shapes and colors.


I noticed for the past couple of days, Lira is more into crawling and pulling herself up and has not been into her shelf lately. I believe this is normal at this period since she is now mobile and is more interested in exploring our house rather than work with her toys. I suspect I may have an early walker whom I will soon be chasing around in no time! Even more fun times ahead!

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